Snooker Nation 19 on Steam

Snooker Nation 19 on Steam


Snooker Nation on Steam gets a bumper update today! 

Update patch notes.  

New mode: Snooker Plus now implemented  
New Snooker Plus championship 
New Online Mode: Leagues Online  
Revamp of the AI utilising original WSC physics - the AI now play snooker and will play tactically  
Online stability improvements  
Crowd sounds applaud and react during matches  
Menu flow improvements  
Snooker Plus now implemented  
Aiming aid now shows the trajectory of the cue ball  
Local Multiplayer updated to make joining a Human Vs Human match clearer  
Save match progress during the tour  
Updated cameras to be more like Pool Nation  
Made 'forced retake' UI clearer  
Numerous bug fixes including but not limited to:  
Optimisations and performance improvements 
Made powerbar clearer in overhead 
Fixed exiting replays putting you into free cam 
Updated to the latest version of UE4


Thanks again for all your feedback - keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gemma Kelleher


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