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Cherry Pop Games

The Future of Social VR 


Cherry Pop Games is an independent, multi-platform development studio specializing in Immersive gaming experiences with a core focus on emerging trends. With a target of blending new and exciting technology with a social world to create truly memorable moments in gaming. Cherry Pop Games, throws out the rule book on isolation in VR and instead embraces the future of social interaction in the virtual world.

Cherry Pop's latest line of Social experiences started with Pool Nation VR for the HTC Vive followed shortly after by Sports Bar VR on the PlayStation 4 for the launch of the PSVR. 

Its proprietary physics engine has been honed from many years and in 2015 the team integrated it with Unreal Engine 4. Cherry Pop Games first title, Pool Nation, which was released on Xbox LIVE Arcade in 2012, since then the franchise has appeared across 5 platforms and has been downloaded over 4 million times worldwide. Pool Nation series now includes Snooker Nation Championship out now on Steam and Xbox One Game Preview programme


CODE NAME: Cherry Labs 

Locomotion R & D

Cherry Labs is our code name for our Research and Development team. a very important part of what we do at Cherry Pop games. We are passionate about exporing new forms of locomtion in VR. 

Working alongside the UK Universities, Cherry Pop Games invests a lot of time into R&D, working on new ways to move around in the VR space. 

Aiming to solve the problem of nausea in VR. Our work is revolutionizing Locomotion in VR and this reseach has resulted in a portfolio of exciting new products to be released over the next 12 months. 

Watch this VR space... 

Commercial Licencing 

Sports bar VR commercial monthly and yearly licenses are available for your VR Arcade, coffee shop, venue or event!  Sports Bar VR is a great option for team building, robot blasting, and general fun!  

Commercial licensing is available to buy directly through the steam store page 

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